Thursday, April 12, 2018

El Roi

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An ever-present comfort 
That transcends my sight
Who I Can’t See holds my head
Through the tear-filled nights
He sees the piercing arrows
That tear me apart
From the one called to protect
Abba’s daughter’s heart
Silence and confusion
Uncertainty and fear
The crushing spirit of control
Left lost and insecure
From Heaven He watches
Disturbed by what He sees
Time to shake what can be shaken
On this sadistic scene
Deep calls out to deep
He enlightens my sight
Courage for the moment
To stay strong through that night
No hurt had gone past His eyes
He watched it take its toll
The Sea Opener makes a way of escape
From what’s destroying my soul
The aftermath not easy
Flashbacks pierce my heart
Fear shows up with its cruel smile
To try to tear what’s left apart
Breathing peace into my heart
Support and love He sends
His healing hand will get me to
A life that He intends
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Monday, March 26, 2018

Easter Story

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Twelve men left all and followed Him
Miracles they had seen
They watched Him heal all who were sick
Those with unclean spirits were made clean

But one follower named Judas Iscariot
Betrayed Him with a kiss
Handed Him over to the chief priests
To be scourged and put to death

He was mocked by those that held Him
“So tell us, are You the Christ?”
“You wouldn’t believe Me if I told you,” He said
For they accused Him of speaking lies

“Are you the Son of God?” they stammered
He responded, “Yes, I am He”
Accusations of blasphemy filled the land
An act deserving the death penalty

They all condemned Him to be put to death
As they struck Him and spit in His face
Even one of His disciples whom He loved very much
Denied ever seeing His face

Carrying Him away; they delivered Him to Pilate
“Are you the King of the Jews?” Pilate sneered
“You say rightly that I am a King,” Jesus said
“But My kingdom is not from here.”

Jesus, the Christ, and Barabbas, a murderer
Stood before the multitude
By custom one prisoner could be released
The one whom the people choose

“Away with this Man; release to us Barabbas,”
Insistently the people cried
“Then what shall I do with Jesus, the Christ?”
They shouted, “Let Him be crucified.”

A purple robe they placed on His body
A crown of thorns twisted on His head
“Hail, King of the Jews,” they mocked
As blood streamed from His head

His back took brutal beatings
His head they struck with a rod
Spitting into His face they scorned
“Save Yourself if You’re the Son of God!”

He didn’t fight back to prove who He was
For He knew His hour had arrived
To fulfill the very purpose for why He had come
For a lost people He would have to die

As they drove the cold nails in His hands and feet
His body exposed for all to view
Jesus cried, “Father, forgive them”
“For they know not what they do.”

Blasphemous words echoed throughout
Gross darkness encamped the land
And with His last breath He shouted aloud
“Father, I commit My spirit into Your hands.”

On the third day since His burial
An angel descended from Heaven
The earth quaked; the stone rolled away
The tomb was empty, for Jesus had risen

Two women mourned nearby the tomb
For they thought His body had been stole
The angel approached them and declared
“Rejoice, for He has arose!”

Quickly they fled to tell the disciples
Their hearts filled with great joy and fear
Some of them rejoiced while others doubted
And then in their midst Jesus appeared

They fell at His feet and worshipped
As He blessed them with His hands
“Go into all the world and tell them of Me,
I won’t be back ‘til it’s reached every land.”

“Remember you're not of this world
If you've received Me as your Lord
Be not like the world; keep from all evil
So that you may receive the final reward.”

“It’s time for Me to leave now,
You must carry out My ministry
I give you the authority to be My hands and feet
With My name you’ll set many free.”

“For it won’t be long before I return
For those who live for Me
They are who I will take as My bride
To Heaven for eternity.”

“Keep watch for the hour is so near
Be prepared to meet Me again
For in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye
As I am now, I will appear again.”

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Sunday, March 25, 2018


I sense Your presence in the breeze
I know You're breathing life in me
A shattered heart
Placed in Your hands
Putting my trust
in the Great I AM
Your loving voice
Calls out to me
"You shall know the Truth
and it will set you free."
You reveal to me
All who You are
"I AM your All in all
The Bright Morning Star"

  I AM Agape Love
My anger is slow
I AM the God of Compassion
Lover of your soul

I AM the Whisperer
That gently speaks to You
I AM Alpha and Omega
I came to make things new

 I AM Mercy and Grace
Forgiver of your sins
I AM the Most High
I will stand in your defense

I AM your Comfort
Your Provider, Your Friend
A Faithful Father
My love never ends
I AM Wisdom
Your Shepherd, your Guide
I AM the God who sees
Every tear you've cried
I AM your Hiding Place
Your Rest, your Calm
I AM your Safe Shelter
From every storm

I AM your Hope
I AM Faithful and True
The Author of your life
Who came to deliver you

I AM the Bread of Life
The filler of your heart
The God of new beginnings
Who gives you a fresh start

I AM the Light of the world
The One to be revealed
I AM the Prince of Peace
I AM the God who heals

 I AM your Redeemer
The only One who saves
The perfect Lamb of God
For you, is why  I came

 I AM the Resurrection
I AM Absolute Truth
The Anointed and Chosen One
Who has chosen you
I AM the Vine
Living Water for your soul
Refreshing comes from Me
I AM the God who makes you whole."

 Such depth to who You truly are
In awe – I humbly stand
My everything, my every need
Found in You, the great I AM!